Mercedes Benz Sprinter

Vehicle Specifications:

Make: Mercedes Benz Sprinter
Body Type: Panel Van
Engine Power: 190 kW (258 PS), 6 Cylinder, 3500 CC, 3.5 Litre
Loading Space: 3365/1780/1940 mm (L/W/H interior)
Wheelbase: 3665mm
Gross Vehicle Weight: 3880 kgs.
Tire Size 2 x RH2 – Tyres 235/65 R16 C
Steering /Drivetrain: LEFT HAND DRIVE, 4×2
with 2 Sliding Doors

Ambulance Specifications:

  • Sub-structure, Insulation, Reinforcement of Patient’s Cabin.
  • Marine Plywood Flooring with Vinyl Coating (Waterproof).
  • Complete Ceiling System.
  • Roof Type Ventilation Fan.
  • Bulk Head (Partition Wall) with Sliding Window.
  • Compartment’s air-conditioning holes fixed in the ceiling with not less than three holes from each side with a stainless steel rod fixed in the center of the ceiling.
  • Heater in Patients Cabin.
  • Air Conditioning System for the Patient’s Cabin (Evaporator) +Roof Type Condenser
    Additional A/C with separate compressor from vehicle.
  • Well designed ceiling mounted one way extractor which eliminates air and odors from the patient compartment and disposes them outside the ambulance. Nominal Voltage.
  • Electrical Wiring with Insulation.
  • Electrical Control Panel/ Fuse Box.
  • 3 Electrical Outlets (12V)
  • 2 Electrical Outlets (220V)
  • Inverter +Extra Battery
  • Inboard Battery Charger
  • 2 Oxygen Regulator with Manometer
  • 2 Humidifier and Oxygen Flowmeter
  • Advance Electronic Touch Screen -Wifi Control Panel
  • Intercom Set ,communication between Driver and Patient’s Cabin
  • Cabinets for Medical Equipment’s and Electrical Outlets
  • The cabinets are constructed of ABS material with High Impact Strength, low flammability, Good Sound &
  • Thermal Insulation, Non Corrosive and Resistance to Oscillation & Vibration . Equipped with storage for medication and consumables.
  • Flamethrower
  • water and connect it to the flow-meter plus check for proper connection.
  • Shoreline Outlet- 220 volts input with socket and plug and extension
  • 2x Oxygen Outlet
  • Oxygen Cylinder Exchange Valve
  • Oxygen Pressure Gauge
  • Oxygen System related hoses
  • On-Board Internal Suction Pump with Suction Gauge, Regulator and 1Ltr Autoclaveable Suction Jar
  • General & Complete various LED Lighting of Patient’s Cabin
  • Complete Covering of Patient’s Cabin
  • Siren System, Amplifier and Microphone
  • Public Address Alarm and Slim Type LED Lightbar
  • 2 Strobe LED Lights
  • Flood Light, rear of ambulance
  • Single fold-able seat, with swiveling mechanism, adjustable headrest, 3 point automatic safety belt (European standards).
  • 1x Foldable Attendant Seat
  • 1x Technician’s Seat
  • LED Warning Lights, each sides of ambulance (2, both sides)
  • Signal Light
  • Grill Light
  • An adjustable floodlight fitted above the rear door of the patient compartment to illuminate the area during the stabilization and loading of a patient.
  • Long Grab Handle
  • Made of stainless tube mounted on the ceiling.
  • Short Grab Handle
  • Electric Side Step
  • 2x I.V. Hooks
  • Emergency Hammer with Seat Belt Cutter
  • Rear Camera with Monitor
  • Fire Extinguisher (2kg)
  • Glass Tinting of Ambulance
  • Waste Bin
  • Wall Mounted Sphygmomanometer
  • Livery, Designing of Ambulance body

Medical Equipment’s:
Roll-in Chair Cot ( New Cavalier) – Automatic Loading
Portable Suction PS154A, Rechargeable (AC/DC)
Emergency Backpack FABP with resuscitation set

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