Type C

Mobile Intensive care unit:
Road ambulance designed and equipment for the transport, advanced treatment and monitoring of patients.

Complete Ceiling System

Air Conditioning System for the Patient’s Cabin

Intercom (Communication system)

Panel for Installation of Medical Equipment’s such as Defibrillator, Ventilator, Suction Pump, Syringe Pump and etc.

Shoreline Outlet

Oxygen System

On-Board Internal Suction Pump with Suction Gauge, Regulator and 1Ltr Autoclaveable Suction Jar

Technician’s Seat with Seat belt

General & Complete various LED Lighting of Patient’s Cabin

Flood Light & Camera, rear of ambulance

Electrical Platform

Control System

Bulk Head (Partition Wall) with Sliding Window

Public Address Alarm and LED Lightbar

Side step

Mobile Intensive Care Unit

Some recommended vehicles for “Type C” Road Ambulance:

  • GMC
  • FORD Transit
  • MERCEDES BENZ Sprinter, New Sprinter
  • FIAT Ducato
  • VOLKSWAGEN Crafter

The schematic of patient’s compartment dimensions according to EN 1789:2007

W: width measured from RH-side to LH-side, except the roof curvature
H: height, measured from floor to roof

  1. Reduce (25 mm maximum) in the roof area over the stretcher
  2. Where the height of the wheel arch exceeds 400 mm, the clearance width between the wheel arches above 400 mm shall not be less than 1250 mm.

The Patient’s Compartment shall comply with the minimum dimensions.

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