Type A

Patient transport ambulance:

Road ambulance designed and equipped for the transport of patients who are expected to become emergency patients.

Two types of patient transport ambulance exist:

Type A1: Suitable for transport of single patient.

Type A2: Suitable for transport of one or more patient(s) one on the stretcher and one on the chair.

Plywood Flooring with Vinyl Coating (Waterproof)

Bulk Head (Partition Wall) with Sliding Window & Air conditioner for the patient cabinet

Complete General Light System for Patient’s cabin

Steel Cabinet for Medical Equipment and Medicines

Roof Type Ventilation Fan

Oxygen System

Public Address Alarm and LED Lightbar

Control Panel

Squad bench with seat belts & storage area

Shoreline Outlet

Flood Light, rear of ambulance

Some recommended vehicles for “type A” Road Ambulance:

  • TOYOTAHIACE High roof & Wide body, Standard roof & Standard body
  • MERCEDES-BENZ Vito, Sprinter,
  • FIAT Scudo, Ducato
  • FORD Galaxy,
  • PEUGEOT Expert,
  • RENAULT Traffic,
  • OPEL Vivaro

The schematic of patient’s compartment dimensions according to EN 1789:2007


W: width measured from RH-side to LH-side, except the roof curvature
L: length measured from rear to partition wall at height of stretcher
X: height of stretcher holding assembly to roof measured in the middle of the longitudinal axis of the stretcher
H1: height between seat level and roof
H2: height between seat level and floor.

Dimension for Type A2 with more than four seats in the patient’s compartment: The length (L) shall be 3100 mm. width (W) 1500 mm. From a height of 1500 mm to 1700 mm the sides shall have a radius no greater than 250 mm. The height (H) shall be 1750 mm.


The Patient Compartment shall comply with the minimum dimensions.

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