Capability of designing and manufacturing of various ambulance cabinets, flooring plus interior with materials like: Composite, Stainless Steel, ABS, Sheet Metal, etc; as per customer order:

  • Sub-structure, insulation, flooring, isolation, reinforcement and covering of patient’s cabin.
  • Anti-skid floor made of polyester, with extended sides, ensuring an easy cleaning of the cell with the usual disinfection process.
  • Advanced electrical and electronic systems with integrated control panel.
  • A/C for both driver’s and patient’s cabin.
  • Air conditioning system for patient’s cabin.
  • Exhaust fan.
  • Upper storage compartment.
  • Bulk head with sliding window.
  • AC/DC power supply with 12 Volts in 220 Volts invertor with 220 Volts outlet.
  • Cabinet for storage of Medical Equipment and Medicine.
  • General and complete various lightning of patient’s cabin.
  • Livery, Window-Tinting and labeling.
  • Refrigerator and Sanitary Service.
  • Inter Phone.
  • Battery charger and inlet installed on the body with connecting cable.
  • Ceiling fixed handle.
  • Any additional requirements are optional by customers.

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